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RE: New Bird Fossils

On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 22:16:47 +0800, Christopher Taylor wrote
> I'm rather doubtful about the validity of the whole story, to be honest.
> The general state of vertebrate fossils in New Zealand in general is
> particularly fragmentary, and the chance of anything being preserved
> well enough to retain integument would be somewhere between Buckley's
> and none.
>     I'm quite prepared to eat my words once the paper is published 
> in a respectable journal, but until then....

The (very) amateur palaeontologist identified it as a 'pteredon' on the basis 
of the long bony tail alone. If you are willing to accept the possibility 
that some birds in the past actually HAD long bony tails, then you remove the 
necessity of classifying it as a 'pteredon' (whatever THAT is).


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