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Re: How many jobs does Bakker have?!!!


Bob Bakker is not, and has never been, the curator at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. I'm not sure were this would come from, as he has never had any institutional affiliation with us. I'm not trying to imply any ill will, but the people who are hard at work here are the ones who deserve the credit.

To the best of my knowledge, in the state of Wyoming Bob Bakker was really only a currator at the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, Wyoming. and that was an adjunct position. There was an institutional disagreement, and the bones he had excavated from Como Bluff were moved to the Paleon in Glenrock, WY. He is still affiliated with them, but I don't believe he has ever taken an active (e.g. curratorial) role, though he has continued to use it as a repository for other bones he pulled out of Como Bluff. The last time I was in Glenrock they indicated that Bakker is not there very often, although he frequently shows up to aid in their annual museum birthday party, and other fundraising events.

I don't know anything about his relationship with the other museums mentioned, but he is not spending that much time in WY museums, so I see no reason he couldn't have a job elsewhere.

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In a recent article on the Houston Museum of Natural
history exhibit it states that Bob Bakker is curator
of paleontology. How many jobs and homes does this guy
have? He's curator of the Wyoming dinosaur center.
Curator of the Paleon foundation. I believe he was a
curator at the museum where Jane the Juvenile T. rex
is at. How does this work? Can someone explain it to

Henry Mendoza
Aurora, CO

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