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Petrified Forest Paleo Symposium

Please excuse the cross-posting.

Registration materials are now available for the paleontological symposium
in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Petrified Forest National Park.  This
symposium will be held on May 17-19, 2006 at Petrified Forest National Park
and will feature a full day of platform and poster presentations on
Triassic paleontology, as well as a full-day field trip through Petrified
Forest National Park including "behind the scenes" areas (i.e., you are
going to see fossils).  Registration includes the symposium, field trip, an
Italian dinner at a fine restaurant in Holbrook, AZ (no kidding, just ask
the SVP field trip participants from last October), as well as a copy of
Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin 62, featuring full-research papers
describing many new taxa of vertebrates and plants from the park.  The
pre-registration deadline is April 15th, 2006.

More information and the registration form is available for downloading at:
http://www.nps.gov/pefo/Centennial/science_symposium.htm or just open the
park link at www.nps.gov/pefo and follow the links to 'Centennial
Materials" and then "Scientific Symposium".

Please note that the deadline for submissions has past.

Plenty of lodging is available in Holbrook, Arizona, which is a short 24
miles west of the park.

Please also note that this is NOT the same symposium as the Federal Fossil
Conference that will be held in Albuquerque on May 20-22.

Hope to see you at the Petrified Forest!

Bill Parker
Vertebrate Paleontologist
Division of Resource Management
Petrified Forest National Park
P.O. Box 2217
1 Park Road
Petrified Forest, AZ 86028
phone: (928) 524-6228 x262
fax: (928) 524-3567