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RE: More on the baby Triceratops

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> Subject: Re: More on the baby Triceratops
> Note also that the mass kill fossil sites which support herding
> behaviour in ceratopsians also lack individuals below about half adult
> size.

But, see:

Ryan MJ, Russell AP, Eberth DA, Currie PJ. 2001. The taphonomy of a
Centrosaurus (Ornithischia, Ceratopsidae) bone bed from the Dinosaur Park
Formation (upper Campanian), Alberta, Canada, with comments on cranial
ontogeny. Palaios 16(5):482-506.

A decent number of rather small individuals are present in that sample. And,
the taphonomic histories of the various ceratopsian bonebeds aren't
necessarily comparable--this will surely bias the sample.