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RE: When carnivores kill other carnivores...

Guy Leahy wrote:

Off the top of my head, I can't think of too many
dinosaur faunas which include two big theropods of
approximately equal size (Albertosaurus/Daspletosaurus
does come to mind.)  Are there any other examples?

These faunas come to mind

Morrison: _Allosaurus_, _Saurophaganax_, _Ceratosaurus_, _Torvosaurus_ - though I'm not certain off-hand how the range of each overlapped temporally and geographically.

Wucaiwan: _Sinraptor_, _Monolophosaurus_

Shangshaximiao: _Yangchuaosaurus_, "_Szechuanosaurus_"

Baharija: _Spinosaurus_, _Carcharodontosaurus_, _Bahariasaurus_, _Deltadromeus_

Wealden: _Baryonyx_, _Altispinax_, _Neovenator_ - again, I'm not certain how these big theropods overlapped temporally and geographically.