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Re: When carnivores kill other carnivores...

T. Michael Keesey wrote:

IIRC, _Altispinax dunkleri_ is just teeth; _Becklespinax altispinax_
(=_Acrocanthosaurus altispinax_ Paul 1988) is the large, high-spined
theropod. Of course, I also recall the case being complicated--feel
free to correct me.

It's complicated. :-)

I follow Rauhut in recognizing that _Altispinax_ is the valid name for the tall-spined Wealden theropod from England. Rauhut's rationale is that Huene explicitly proposed the name _Altispinax_ for the distinctive vertebrae, not for the indeterminate tooth that was originally named _Megalosaurus dunkeri_. I'm sure some people would disagree with this interpretation (e.g., the guy who proposed the name _Becklespinax_).