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Re: When carnivores kill other carnivores...

On 3/9/06, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I follow Rauhut in recognizing that _Altispinax_ is the valid name for the
> tall-spined Wealden theropod from England.  Rauhut's rationale is that Huene
> explicitly proposed the name _Altispinax_ for the distinctive vertebrae, not
> for the indeterminate tooth that was originally named _Megalosaurus
> dunkeri_.  I'm sure some people would disagree with this interpretation
> (e.g., the guy who proposed the name _Becklespinax_).

Well, he was following Paul's lead. In PDW Paul named a new species of
_Acrocanthosaurus_ (_A. altispinax_) for the spines; Olshevsky just
moved it to its own genus.

This sounds questionable to me, though. If _Megalosaurus dunkeri_ is
just the tooth, then either _A. dunkeri_ is the type species and the
tooth is the holotype of _Altispinax_, or "Altispinax" has never been
given a type species, and is therefore not an available name.
Etymology does not guide taxonomic rules.
Mike Keesey
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