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Fw: When carnivores kill other carnivores...

Dear Tim and List,

> > Morrison: _Allosaurus_, _Saurophaganax_, _Ceratosaurus_, _Torvosaurus_ -
> > though I'm not certain off-hand how the range of each overlapped
> temporally
> > and geographically.
> >
     Medium sized allosaurs and a humongous species of Ceratosaurus lived
 together at the Cleveland / Loyd Morrison Formation. They were roughly the
 same size. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine, Tyler Pinegar, of
 Paleoforms, is constructing a composite cast of the above mentioned
 ceratosaur, as part of the new Cleveland / Loyd renovation.This is the same
 outfit that rendered the recent Madagascar theropod skeletal casts that
 at 2004's Theropod Symposium in Japan.