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Re: More on the baby Triceratops

They're fragmentary evidence as far as behaviour inference goes.
Footprints can tell you what the bottoms of the feet MAY have been
doing at the time (different behaviours may result in similar
prints, and vise versa).  However there's more to an animal's
behaviour than just what their feet are doing (or MIGHT have been

Perhaps the parental triceratops were carrying the babies? My first image when I read this was of lions carrying cubs around by the scruff of the neck.


Matthew Burton-Kelly
Graduate Student
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, University of North
"About thirty years ago there was much talk that geologists ought only
to observe and not theorize; and I well remember someone saying that
at this rate a man might as well go into a gravelpit and count the
pebbles and describe the colors.  How odd it is that anyone should not
see that all observation must be for or against some view if it is to
be of any service!"
-Charles Darwin, in an 1861 letter to Henry Fawcett.