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Re: More on the baby Triceratops

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 01:02:21PM -0600, Matthew Burton-Kelly scripsit:
> >They're fragmentary evidence as far as behaviour inference goes.
> >Footprints can tell you what the bottoms of the feet MAY have been
> >doing at the time (different behaviours may result in similar
> >prints, and vise versa).  However there's more to an animal's
> >behaviour than just what their feet are doing (or MIGHT have been
> >doing).
> Perhaps the parental triceratops were carrying the babies?  My first
> image when I read this was of lions carrying cubs around by the scruff
> of the neck.

We're talking a critter with a massive, sharp, tree-devouring beak,
here, plus a largish clutch size.

We're also talking _very small_ juveniles compared to the adults; it's
not like mammalian herd animals when the juveniles are mostly leg and
able to keep up shortly after birth.