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Re: When carnivores kill other carnivores... (Morrison movie questions)

Hey, all!

For those of you who don't know, I'm doing research for a script I'm writing. This subject line plays right into some questions that I have about this kind of situation. I have a scene (previously set as a sauropod stampede, which notion Dr. Carpenter kindly euthanized) involving large amounts of carrion in the environment preserved in the Morrison formation.

My questions are:

1) Is Saurophaganax a distinct species, or is it just a very large Allosaur of another species? (And under what circumstances do you capitalize the name of a species?)

2) Huh. So there's a giant Ceratosaurus in the Morrison formation. Would it get to be as large as the one that seems to have been present in the Tendaguru? (And for that matter, how reasonable would it be to use species from the Tendaguru formation in a Morrison setting?)

3) At this point, is it possible to reconstruct Torvosaurus with any degree of accuracy, and if so, where would I look for skeletal diagrams, etc?

4) How reasonable is it to use Acrocanthosaurus or a similar species in a Morrison setting?

The scene I have in mind involves the aftermath of a mass slaughter of Seismosaurs. (People are after the gastroliths. I'll have more questions on this subject.) Some thirty or forty animals have been killed, and the harvesting of the gastroliths has begun. Blood is on the wind, and the local predators are starting to swarm. One of the lead characters makes use of the presence of the predators to conduct an assault on the folks who slaughtered the Seismosaurs. If anyone has any ideas at all about this scenario, I'd be happy to steal from you. I'd like to be able to include some of the lesser known species like Torvosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus just for giggles, and since both of those species appear to be able to, uh, defeat an Allosaurus of comparable dimensions in combat they have particular appeal.


Sean Craven (Karen Casino is the missus. We share an email account...)