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Re: When carnivores kill other carnivores... (Morrison movie questions)

Sean Craven wrote:

The scene I have in mind involves the aftermath of a mass slaughter of Seismosaurs. (People are after the gastroliths. I'll have more questions on this subject.)

Killing a Seismosaurs to harvest its gastroliths is very much akin to killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Why would you do it? In living animals, gastroliths are regularly regurgitated when they become too highly polished to serve efficiently as grinders, and new rocks are swallowed to take their place. Over the course of its life, a Seismosaur would discharge many times more nice smooth gastroliths than one would ever get from a one-time harvest (assuming they even had gastroliths). Not only would it more productive to keep the Seismosaur alive and continually "harvest" its shed gastroliths by walking around and picking them up, it would be far less dangerous for the humans than attacking and killing the animal. Without a good reason for having to kill the animal for its gastroliths, this aspect of the story doesn't make a lot of sense.