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Re: lungfish tracks?

Here are a couple of papers that discuss lungfish burrows:

Gobetz, K. E., Lucas, S. G., and Lerner, A. J. Lungfish burrows from the Upper Triassic Redonda Formation, Chinle Group, Eastern New Mexico. Tracking Dinosaur Origins: The Triassic/Jurassic Transition Abstracts Volume Conference March 14-16, 2005, 5-6. 3-16-2005.
Ref Type: Abstract

Langston,W., Jr. 1963. Fossil Vertebrates and the Late Paleozoic Red Beds of Prince Edward Island. Nat. Mus. Can. Bull. 187: 1-36.

possible lungfish swim traces (similar if not identical to coelacanth fish swim traces - *Paraundichna").

Simon,T., Hagdorn,H., Hagdorn,M.K., and Seilacher,A. 2003. Swimming trace of a coelacanth fish from the Lower Keuper of south-west Germany. Palaeo. 46(5): 911-926.

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Subject: lungfish tracks?

Does anyone know of any reports of tracks made by living or extinct lungfish?