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Re: Juravenator

Interesting how Gohlich & Chiappe recovered a monophyletic clade, which 
includes Carnosauria (inc
Allosauroidea) + Tyrannosauroidea in their supplementary information cladogram.
And in the Nature paper, they published a tree with Allosauroidea + 
Tyrannosauroidea + remaining
coelurosaurs in a trichotomy. Both cladograms are labled Strict consensus trees.

So I pose this: Are we seeing the (slow) return of tyrannosaurs to 

(The supplementary data tree with Allosauroidea+Tyrannosauroidea was their 
initial analysis (107
trees of 534 steps) and had limited resolution at the base of the tree. Here 
position is unresolved around a host of incompletely known forms at the base of 
Maniraptora. The
authors published account has a cladogram based on (8 trees of length 497), 
with some of the less
complete taxa omitted. This resolves a monophyletic Compsognathidae but also 
chucks Allosauroidea,
Tyrannosauroidea and remaining coelurosaurs into a trichotomy)

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