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RE: Juravenator; or How not to perform a phylogenetic analysis

And the answer to the question is:
"He'd make a plan, and he'd follow through.
THAT'S what Brian Boitano'd do!"

"For Borsti I'll be a cladist too, Cause that's what Brian Boitano'd do!"

(Yes, Allen, I am singing this - I promise!)   :-o

Anyways, back to the paper... The Supplementary Information shows just how fragile a monophyletic Compsognathidae is. This has come up previously, even before the description of _Juravenator_. Good thing that Compsognathidae was defined as stem-based, with _Passer_ as the external specifier (Holtz et al., 2004). If the Compsognathidae is shown to be paraphyletic, it would mean that we have a gaggle of short-armed theropods near the base of the Coelurosauria, close to the origin of Maniraptora.

Interestingly, the topology shown in the Suppl. Info. would make Maniraptoriformes a synonym of Coelurosauria. At least using the latest (Sereno's) definitions, which are faithful to Gauthier's and Holtz's original definitions.