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Re: Juravenator; or How not to perform a phylogenetic analysis

Mike Keesey wrote:

That's (practically) impossible--_Coelurosauria_ is stem-based (_Aves_
not _Allosaurus_), while _Maniraptoriformes_ is node-based (_Aves_ and

Equivalent in content, I guess is what I meant. If ornithomimosaurs are the next outgroup up from the clade containing _Allosaurus_ - as recovered by the (admittedly imperfect) analysis shown in Suppl. Fig. 3 of Göhlich and Chiappe (2006) - then Coelurosauria (stem-based) and Maniraptoriformes (node-based) include the exact same taxa. However, I'd be surprised if future analyses continue to find tyrannosaurs outside of the Coelurosauria, or that ornithomimosaurs are so basal.