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Re: Fwd: Re: Did the K-T impact event seed Titan with life?

It isn't safe to generalize about bacteria. Almost everything we know about them comes from species that can be grown "in captivity". Recent analyses of "wild" bacterial DNA indicates that this is probably something like 1% of all species. It was only quite recently for example that it was realized that Archaea make up a large proportion of oceanic biomass.

Tommy Tyrberg

At 21:44 2006-03-19, David Marjanovic wrote:
The Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), a NASA research satellite
launched in the 1980s, showed that bacterial spores remain viable in
space for at *least* 6 years (after 6 years, the satellite was

It should be mentioned that very, very few bacteria sporulate. *Bacillus*, *Clostridium*, and not much else. AFAIK magnetotactic bacteria don't sporulate.

Anyway, I guess the meteorite was settled by bacteria after it had arrived in Antarctica...