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Re: Long-Necked Mongolian Titanosaur

... from the article:

"Museums and movies have long reconstructed sauropods in postures similar to a giraffe—with their heads held high, grazing hard-to- reach leaves. But based on how vertebrae fit together, recent studies and computer modeling suggest that these dinosaurs may actually have walked with their necks and heads held parallel to the ground.

"Based on what we know about other sauropods and what skeletal remains we do have, it looks like [E. ellisoni] had a similar posture," Ksepka told Live Science.

That doesn't mean that they couldn't lift their heads, Ksepka said, just that this is how it probably was in a relaxed pose."

to which I add, for those remaining doubters of the "Eeyore Model" of sauropod ONP (Osteologic Neutral Pose):


- Kent