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RE: Long-Necked Mongolian Titanosaur

Nick Pharris wrote:

So much for the idea of stubby-necked titanosaurs:


Oh there were still stubby-necked titanosaurs as well - like _Isisaurus_ and _Mendozasaurus_, both of which had rather short necks (though not nearly as short as the absurdly stubby-necked _Brachytrachelopan_). It now appears that the titanosaur group also produced very long-necked forms too, like the mamenchisaur-mimic _Erketu_.

What an amazing group the titanosaurs were. We have huge taxa (_Argentinosaurus_, _Puertasaurus_) and - by sauropod standards - miniature taxa (saltasaurines, _Bonitasaura_, maybe _Magyarosaurus_). Many titanosaurs had armor, sometimes quite bizarre (especially if _Agustinia_ is a titanosaur). Most titanosaurs had tail vertebrae that were procoelous, but almost every other kind of articulation was represented too (biconvex, amphicoelous, opisthocoelous), as well as more than one kind in the same caudal series. One titanosaur (_Bonitasaura_) might even have had a beak.