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Re: Neck Defense

What about tails? Couldn't they serve as a powerful and fairly painful (for the recipient) way for the sauropod to deal with intruders? I would expect sauropods could keep the head high enough to keep it safe from predators (the neck might be more of a problem), so you'd think that the predators would instead go for the belly (more, easier to access meat). I'm only a high school student, but I've read Bakker's Raptor Red quite a few times and he mentions a sauropod affectionately called a Whiptail that whirls and whips it's tail at attackers. Does this guy (the dinosaur, not Bakker haha) exist?

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Subject: Neck Defense

The  more and more I look at this animal and other
sauropods like it the more I'm convinced they were
neck swingers. Violent neck swingers. besides size and
maybe biting, it's their only defense.

My only resistance to the concept is that I tend to
think of the neck, even a powerful neck, as a
vulnerable. The Giraffe of course uses the neck for
rutting battles but don't know of it using it for
defense. I suppose it's too high up and they have a
good kick.

Any thoughts?

Andrew S.

--- Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

I would image the  dinosaur is named for AMNH
artist, Mick Ellison. DV


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