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Re: Neck Defense

On Monday, March 20, 2006, at 09:23  PM, Andrew Simpson wrote:

Oh of course a sauropod would use its tail if it had a long tail, (there are even one or two that I know of that have little clubs at the end), but the large sauropod in question has a small tail in comparison that does look like an effective whip, (I may not have made this clear in my first remark), leaving stomping, kicking, size and biting as defenses. None of which seems as effective as a good neck swing or ten.

Of modern animals that use the tail as a whip there is the african monitor lizard. Can fend off a lion with it.

Not a very hungry lion, I'd imagine. In all honesty, sauropods could have even had poisonous flesh and/or spurs adorning their tails. It'd certainly make a lot of sense for the very young sauropods.