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Re: Neck Defense

> > Of modern animals that use the tail as a whip
> there is the african 
> > monitor lizard. Can fend off a lion with it.
> Not a very hungry lion, I'd imagine. 

No I suspect the lion was not overly motivated or
maybe even young. (animal planet about two weeks ago)

In all honesty,
> sauropods could 
> have even had poisonous flesh and/or spurs adorning
> their tails. It'd 
> certainly make a lot of sense for the very young
> sauropods.

Possible sure but I suspect that they did not have any
great defense and simply died in droves. One, maybe
two out of 100 made it to adult hood. Maybe even less.
I could even see 1 or 2 out of a thousand making it to
true adult hood.

I wonder if adult sauropods of one speices killed the
young of other spieces. Maybe even there own kind. In
times of short food supply having more compatition
would not be in the adults best interest. So I doubt
young sauropods had too brillant of a survival
stragety. Even a 25 percent survival rate would have
doomed a spiecies to mass starvation eventually. 

Has there ever been a baby sauropod found? 


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