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Re: Oldest dromaeosaur?

_Deinonychosauria_: Only rarely do people use "dromaeosaur" to refer
to this group, which may or may not include troodontids. Earliest
published, well-known members are _Graciliraptor_, as well as _Mei_,
_Sinovenator_, and _Sinusonasus_, if troodontids are deinonychosaurs.
(Note that I said "published", though....)

WDC DML001, the Morrison Fm troodontid (Kimmeridgian or Tithonian), has had an SVP meeting abstract devoted to it and is thus entirely citable.

In a few researchers'
phylogenetic hypotheses, _Archaeopteryx_ is a deinonychosaur

As it is in about half of Mickey's Coelurosaur Analysis Updates :o)