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Re: mass extinction

Yes, we most likely still live in an interglacial and even a rather long one.

The next ice age is due in 50,000 years, and we may well be in the process of preventing it.

In that respect global warming might be a blessing in disguise

Some blessing! You go to Bangladesh and evacuate its 144-million-upwards inhabitants. I just wonder where to. Last time it was as warm as now the Sahara was green, so that could happen again, but even if it happens soon enough, how do you transport that amount of people over 6,000 km?!?

(although very politically incorrect to state it)

Keep in mind that political correctness -- the anti-scientific belief that only members of a certain group of people can make true statements about that group -- is actually a right-wing concept.

during the glacials most of the rainforests of the world [...] had retreated to relatively small refuges, possibly not more than 10 or 20% of pre-modern extent.

Good point.