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Re: mass extinction

Actually over a few hundred years it won't matter whether the ice on Greenland melts. Bangladesh is doomed in any case by the dams in Ganges and Brahmaputra. Once the sediment supply is cut off the sea starts eroding the delta away. The same thing is happening in the Nile delta (and in Louisiana).

Tommy Tyrberg

At 13:02 2006-03-21, David Marjanovic wrote:
I just wrote...

144-million-upwards inhabitants

Sorry. For _all_ of Bangladesh to go under for good (except for the mountains in eastern Chittagong -- certainly not a place where you can stuff tens of millions of people), the sea level would have to rise by 6 m. That would require most of Greenland to melt. Sure, this has begun, but it's still going to take a few hundred years.

Still, a sea-level rise by 1 m would flood 10 % of the country.

Oh, and some say 146 million rather than 144.3.