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Re: Sharovipteryx - delta-winged glider?

Jim Cunningham wrote:

I suspect there may have been a seperate, relatively small forewing that was not connected to the hindlimb (which could be configured in fairly high aspect ratio as well as delta mode).

That fits in with the interpretation of Gans et al. (1987), who are adamant that the patagium did not extend from the hindlimb to the forelimb.

As an aside, a cross-sectional mass estimate indicates that Sharovipteryx seems to have weighed about 7.5 grams, and there doesn't seem to be any solid proof that it wasn't capable of flapping

Deja vu. I vaguely recall that _Microraptor_ was at the epicenter of a similar argument/discussion.

(nor proof of flapping either -- that question still seems to be open -- I've not seen any analysis of the pertinent articulations or muscle attachments and alignments that would either prove or preclude flapping flight).

I believe the front half of _Sharovipteryx_ is too 'squished' (and not adequately exposed in the slab) for an accurate restoration of the pectoral girdle and forelimb. However, all restorations show the forelimbs to be much shorter than the hindlimbs (perhaps only one-third the length). So any flapping would be executed by the hindlimbs...?