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Re: Sharovipteryx - delta-winged glider?

Jim Cunningham wrote:

Deja vu. I vaguely recall that _Microraptor_ was at the epicenter of a similar argument/discussion.

It's not a discussion or argument, its just a comment.... :-)

Oh, I was alluding to a _Microraptor_-oriented thread from several months ago. Don't worry, I'm not going to start calling you names. :-)

They wouldn't really be relevant anyway. A close examination of the pelvic girdle would be.

Gans et al. (1987) discuss the anatomy of the pelvic girdle (and re-interpret some of Sharov's identifications), but I'm not certain that the degree of preservation allows for that level of confidence. This study also discerns evidence of an interdigital patagium between the toes of _Sharovipteryx_ - like 'mitten-gliders', I suppose.

So any flapping would be executed by the hindlimbs...?


That'd be a sight for sore eyes!

Thanks for your input.