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RE: Neck Defense

> From: Tim Williams [mailto:twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com]
> Tom Holtz wrote:
> >USNM 4734 (incl. USNM 2315) anyone?
> USNM 2315 is the type of Labrosaurus ferox_, which probably belongs to the
> _Allosaurus fragilis_ specimen USNM 4734.  USNM 2315 compsrises a deformed
> left dentary, probably the result of injury.  USNM 4734 shows broken
> gastralia, so not only did the poor allosaur get smacked in the face, but it
> also took one in the breadbasket.
> Rather than a _Diplodocus_ whiptail being the culprit, maybe the allosaur
> fell foul of a stegosaur-style thagomizer?!

It also has a shattered/rehealed left scapula, and if memory serves shattered 
ribs as well. This suggests something capable of
giving a looonngggg trauma, and not the localized damage done by a thagomizer.

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