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RE: Thagomizer

The first usage of the term (outside of Gary Larson), as far as I know, was in a talk by Bob Bakker, in 1998*, while describing a hole in an allosaur bone, that he said just fit the spike of a stegosaur. He concluded that the allosaur had been hit by a Thagomizer. Got quite a few laughs from the mostly professional/semi-professional paleontological crowd. (Obviously fans of Larson).

Allan Edels

* => That's when I heard him speak at the DinoFest Symposium 1998 (Philadelphia, PA, USA). IIRC, he may have given the same speech (or similar) in the months prior to that event.

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Here's the Wikipedia definition... :-)


Guy Leahy

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Andrew Simpson wrote:
> >Thagomizer. Is this the actual accepted term for
> the
> >steg tail spike array or a word made up by Gary
> Larson
> >from the Far Side here used semi-facisiously(sp?) ?
> Both?