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RE: Thagomizer

> The first usage of the term (outside of Gary Larson), as far as I know,
> was
> in a talk by Bob Bakker, in 1998*, while describing a hole in an allosaur
> bone, that he said just fit the spike of a stegosaur.  He concluded that
> the
> allosaur had been hit by a Thagomizer.  Got quite a few laughs from the
> mostly professional/semi-professional paleontological crowd.  (Obviously
> fans of Larson).
> Allan Edels
> * => That's when I heard him speak at the DinoFest Symposium 1998
> (Philadelphia, PA, USA).  IIRC, he may have given the same speech (or
> similar) in the months prior to that event.

Actually, it was Ken Carpenter's talk in the early 1990s (maybe 1992?
1993?) on the new roadkill Stegosaurus that first used it in a
professional talk that I know of.