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Re: 250 yr old Tortoise Dies

The tortoise had been the pet of Robert Clive, the famous British
officer in colonial India around the middle of the 18th century, a
minister in West Bengal state said.

"Historical records show he was a pet of British general Robert Clive
the East India Company and had spent several years in his sprawling
before he was brought to the zoo about 130 years ago," West Bengal
Minister Jogesh Barman said.

"We have documents to prove that he was more than 150 years old, but we

have pieced together other evidence like statements from authentic
and it seems that he is more than 250 years old," he said.

I wonder if anybody has made provision to collect the dearly departed's
skeleton?  It would be great fun
to section various bones thereof, to see what kind of record of the
beast's longevity has been preserved, and how much has been lost. 
Granted, the fact that the critter had been in captivity, and received
zoo rations, might have mungied up (see, I declare that phrase to be
official, too!) its osteohistological record, but still, this strikes me
as a very fun interesting to do.