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Re: Crown clades

On 3/21/06, Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> wrote:
> Has anyone compiled a list of all of the most commonly accepted
> definitions for the vertebrate *crown* clades?  If so, I'd like a copy of
> that list and its defs.

Not that I know of. (Also--how do you define "commonly accepted"):

Culled from TaxonSearch:

_Aves_ Linnaeus 1758
- sensu Gauthier 1986: "All descendants of the most recent common
ancestor of Ratiti, Tinami, and Neognathae."
- sensu Gauthier and de Queiroz 2001: "The crown clade stemming from
the most recent common ancestor of _Ratitae_ (_Struthio camelus_
Linnaeus 1758), _Tinamidae_ (_Tetrao [Tinamus] major_ Gmelin 1789),
and _Neognathae_ (_Vultur gryphus_ Linnaeus 1758)."

_Crocodylia_ Gmelin 1789
- sensu Brochu 1993: "The last common ancestor of alligatorids,
crocodylids, and gavialoids, and all of its descendants."
- sensu Sereno 2001: "_Gavialis gangeticus_, _Crocodylus niloticus_,
and all descendants of their common ancestor."
- sensu Brochu 2003: "The last common ancestor of _Gavialis
gangeticus_, _Alligator mississippiensis_, and _Crocodylus niloticus_
and all of its descendants."

_Neornithes_ Gadow 1883
- sensu Sereno 1998: "_Struthio_ (ostrich), _Passer_ (sparrow), their
common ancestor and all descendants."
Mike Keesey
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