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Re: Missing Styracosaurus parksi quarry pictures sought

There is a good scan online at:


a look at the images there suggests that a much better definition is not achievable (you can see the raster in the images).

Tommy Tyrberg

At 20:55 2006-03-26, Patty Ralrick wrote:

This is being sent by Darren Tanke, Royal Tyrrell Museum.

In the summer of 1915, the American Museum of Natural History excavated a ceratopsian skeleton in today's Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta, Canada. Years later this specimen was prepared and described as the type of Styracosaurus parksi. The whereabouts of this quarry is presently unknown. Work by me in since 1997 in Dinosaur Park has located 28 lost dinosaur quarries, about 25% of all the old quarries known (see my paper in the 2005 Indiana Univ. Press book: Dinosaur Provincial Park). Photographs are the best means to relocate these lost sites, especially when coupled with field notes and historical information. I would like to try and relocate the Styracosaurus parksi site this summer. Two photographs of the quarry are to be seen in:

Brown, B. and Schlaikjer, E.M. 1937. The Skeleton of Styracosaurus with the Description of a New Species. American Museum Novitates, No. 955:1-12.

A problem is none of my Albertan collegues or libraries investigated so far have an original copy of this paper, only fair to poor photocopies, where the photographs are hard to see/interpret.

I am posting this in the hopes one of you could send me a couple hi-res scans of the quarry as shown in the original 1937 paper and thus increase my chances of relocating this important historical site. Additionally, important biostratigraphic information can be learned once the site is relocated.

Please send any scans to me at my work email address: darren.tanke@gov.ab.ca

Many thanks!

Darren Tanke, Tech II
Royal Tyrrell Museum
Drumheller, AB

Patty Ralrick
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada