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Re: Monkey see (colors), Monkey do (was RE: Marsupials see colors)

Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu> writes:

> So it's the S-cone opsin that's non-functional in cetaceans and
> pinnipeds?

Although I still cringe at the use of color names in both Nick's
message and the following, here you go:

Peichl, L., Behrmann, G., and Kroger, H. H. (2001).  "For Whales and
     Seals the Ocean is not Blue: A Visual Pigment Loss in Marine
     Mammals", _European Journal of Neuroscience_, 13:1520-1528.

There have been several confirmations in various animals.  The most
complete is probably the Ph.D. thesis of D.H. Levenson, "The Visual
Pigments of Diving Tetrapods" (UCSD, 2004).

HP Jeff Hecht wrote about the Peichl paper back when it came out.  He
will be crushed that you don't remember :-)

Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)