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Dinosaur Toe Found in South Pacific

>From http://www.abc.net.au/science/news/stories/s1604757.htm

The first proof that land-dwelling dinosaurs lived on remote islands in the 
South Pacific has been unveiled by an Australian-based researcher.

Dr Jeffrey Stilwell, a palaeontologist from Melbourne's Monash University, 
says he discovered the fossilised foot, finger and spinal bones of 
carnivorous dinosaurs on the Chatham Islands, about 850 kilometres east of 
New Zealand. 

The discovery confirms the Chathams were once connected to New Zealand by a 
finger-like extension, Stilwell says.

"Prior to our discoveries, only a few isolated examples of dinosaur fossils 
had been found in the northern part of New Zealand," he says. 

"Now we've found dinosaur remains almost 1000 kilometres east out in the 
middle of the South Pacific." ...


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