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Re: Mapusaurus roseae & Antarctopelta oliveroi

Quoting Jay <sappororaptor@yahoo.com>:


Coria R. A. & Currie P. J. 2006. ? A new carcharodontosaurid (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from the
Upper Cretaceous of Argentina. Geodiversitas 28 (1) : 71-118.

Salgado L. & Gasparini Z. 2006. ? Reappraisal of an ankylosaurian dinosaur from the Upper
Cretaceous of James Ross Island (Antarctica). Geodiversitas 28 (1) : 119-135.

Argh! Geodiversitas is one of the relatively few journals U of M doesn't get in electronic format. Does any kind soul out there have .pdfs?

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