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Ajugaceratops mariscalensis (was RE: Agujaceratops and Wikipedia musings)

Renato Santos wrote:

I found the name at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dinosaurs
(red link) and from Olshevky's Dinosaur Genera List I got this:

Agujaceratops Lucas, Sullivan & Hunt, 2006

_Agujaceratops_ is a new genus name for _Chasmosaurus mariscalensis_, giving the new combination _Ajugaceratops mariscalensis_. Apparently the genus _Agujaceratops_ appeared in the recent NMMNH Bulletin (#35) (I found this out from Tracy Ford - thanks Tracy). I haven't seen the description by Lucas et al. (2006), or know of the grounds for erecting this new genus, but past studies have found _Chasmosaurus mariscalensis_ to be a troublesome taxon, since it can't decide whether it's closer to _Pentaceratops_ or northern _Chasmosaurus_.