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Re: Dawn of The Dinosaurs

The book by Nick Fraser (Indiana Univ. Press) is a new book and unrelated
to the 1980s Petrified Forest Museum Association publication "Dawn of the
Dinosaurs" (by Rob Long and Rose Houk) although some of the artwork (by
Doug Henderson) has been reproduced in the newer work.  The similarity of
title is unfortunate and confusing, especially because the PFMA is also
working on rereleasing the original "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" in an expanded
version; however, titles are not subject to copyright.  There is lots of
new artwork by Doug Henderson in the book by Fraser.

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Dear List Members -

    I was wondering if any of you have picked up the  book Dawn of the
Dinosaurs: Life in the Triassic by Nicholas Frasier and is  illustrated by
Henderson.  I have a book entitled Dawn of the  Dinosaurs by Robert A. Long
illustrated by Doug Henderson.  Are the  illustrations the same or is this
totally new book and artwork.

Thank you for your input.