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Re: MSNBC.com Article: Crows share tricks of the trade

Unlikely. Corvids are very intelligent birds with a remarkable ability to learn complex behavior, only parrots come close as far as I know.

On the other hand learning things like migration routes, traditional resting and feeding areas and so on from older birds (often parents) is fairly common among birds. However I am uncertain to what extent this behavior is primitive within neornithines. It is certainly widespread in Galloanseres.

Tommy Tyrberg

At 19:05 2006-11-01, Ian Paulsen wrote:
 I wonder if dinos could do this?

Crows share tricks of the trade
Scientists have found that crows living on different parts of the island display variations in tool shapes, a discovery that suggests young crows learn to fashion tools in a particular way from relatives and other crows living nearby.