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Re: MSNBC.com Article: Crows share tricks of the trade

That is a well-known and well-documented behavior used by several corvids (and some other birds too) to get at hard-shelled food. I remember a case where so many crows started using a concrete airfield for shelling walnuts that it caused safety concerns (FOD = Foreign Object Damage).
Personally I think that the common Raven Corvus corax is probably the smartest corvid.

Tommy Tyrberg

At 21:00 2006-11-01, Roberto Takata wrote:
On 11/1/06, Tommy Tyrberg <tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com> wrote:
Unlikely. Corvids are very intelligent birds with a remarkable ability to
learn complex behavior, only parrots come close as far as I know.

Japanese crows are smarter than others...



Roberto Takata