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Xuanhuaceratops, new Late Jurassic chaoyangsaurid

I don't think this was mentioned here recently.

Another new ceratopsian has been described from China

Xuanhuaceratops niei is based on four specimens, and has been described as the 
sister taxon of
Chaoyangsaurus youngi, for which Chaoyangsauridae is proposed.

I don't have much else in the way of info. The paper is:
Zhao, X., Cheng, Z., Xu., X., and Makovicky, P. J. 2006. A New Ceratopsian from 
the Upper Jurassic
Houcheng Formation of Hebei, China. Acta Geologica Sinica 80 (4): 467-473 (for 

Of course, i don't have the pdf. More info is more than welcome.

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