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Re: Fusuisaurus zhaoi


My bad - i repeated the Fusuisaurus abstract twice.

The correct Xuanhuaeratops abstract is

Zhao, X., Cheng, Z., Xu., X., and Makovicky, P. J. 2006. A New Ceratopsian from 
the Upper Jurassic
Houcheng Formation of Hebei, China. Acta Geologica Sinica 80 (4): 467-473. 
Abstractï¼?A new ceratopsian taxon Xuanhuaceratops niei gen. et sp. nov. is 
erected based on four
fragmentary specimens collected from the Late Jurassic Houcheng Formation, 
Hebei Province,
China.Xuanhuaceratops shares a number of derived features with, and is closely 
related to, another
probable Late Juarassic ceratopsian Chaoyangsaurus youngi, from which it 
differs in only
possessing a single premaxillary tooth as well as in details of quadrate and 
scapular morphology.
We hypothesize that these two taxa represent a primitive lineage of Ceratopsia 
that is basal to
the psittacosauridneoceratopsian diversity, and propose the name 
Chaoyangsauridae for it.
Keywordsï¼?Houcheng Formation, Jurassic, Hebei, Chaoyangsauridae, Ceratopsia

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