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FWD on behalf of Nils Knötschke (Dinosaurierpark Mün

Dear listmembers!

Im forwarding this request on behalf of Nils Knötschke (preparator at the
Dinosaurierpark Münchehagen). Some time ago they found this vertebra while
preparing rock from the Langenberg quarry which also produced the remains of
Europasaurus holgeri. I think it might be a cervical or dorsal vetebra of a
small theropod (possibly some Coelurus-like animal?), but Im also not sure
at all about this. Here the original message:


we just found this small vertebrae which seem to be a sacralvertebrae maybe
the last sacral.. but we have no idea from which kind of animal. I already
talked to dave unwin and he doubt that this is pterosaur. and it doesn´t
look like turtle vert ?
so please could you help to identify this bone?! I hope the picture attached
is good enough to say something about this vert...

thanks a lot


Since the listserver doesnt allow attachment of pictures I have uploaded
them to http://dubdivision.epourania.com/pics/mysteryvert.jpg
Any help/ideas would be much aprecciated, and of course:
Thanks a lot in advance!

Torsten van der Lubbe