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Re: T-Rex vs. Trike

I was also very impressed by this picture in P. Dodson's book. I love the challenge attitude of the Triceratops, ready to do the same again if necessary, full of adrenaline.

...and I can't resist to the temptation of showing an artwork I've done few years ago of this classic fight.


All the best


Le 3 nov. 06, à 15:29, Patti Kane-Vanni a écrit :

My favorite T-Rex vs. Trike still rendering is from Peter Dodson's book, "The Horned Dinosaurs". This color plate, a painting by artist Wayne Barlowe, shows a Trike trotting away from a T-rex encounter where the rex is expiring on the ground with a gaping, bloody, and obviously lethal, Trike horn wound in the neck. Good stuff! - Patti

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Film makers have largely eshewed this classic matching in favour of rex vs. Styracosaurus (more "exotic"?): 'Valley of Gwangi' (One of Harryhausen's Allotyrannus), 'Dinosaurs: The Terrible Lizards' (short, 1971) and Triceratops vs. Ceratosaurus: 'The Animal World' (1955), 'One Million Years B.C.' (1966).

Bill Malone's short '64,000,000 Years Ago' (1981) has an encounter between the two as I remember. The only movie that comes to mind where they actually slug it out is hardly a classic: 'The Last Dinosaur' (1977).


I'm looking for classic renderings of T-Rex vs
Triceratops. Knights has got to be the most famous.
And maybe the best. Was this the first? Was there
more? Can anyone name old movies that might have this

Andrew Simpson

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