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RE: Skull & mammal display at Canadian Museum of Nature

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> Donna Braginetz
> One of the new exhibits at the Canadian Museum of Nature that is certain
> to be a favorite with the public is the theropod skull with the tiny
> mammals on it. Did anyone get a decent photo of this display? The one on
> ReBecca Hunt's picture site is too small to do it justice. Could someone
> post a larger version somewhere?

I plan on getting my SVP pictures mounted sometime, but have other priorities 
at the moment. However, I'll try and send you what I
have from my other machine.

> Also, although it was darned cute, I don't have enough background
> knowledge to critique the content. Was there a a lable identifying the
> dinosaur and the furballs? I'd like to hear some opinions from, say,
> some mammal experts.

Dinosaur = T. rex
Mammal = (I think) the multituberculate Mesodema

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