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RE: Horns and Beaks: New taxa and descriptions

Nick Pharris wrote:

> > Farke, A. A. 2006. Cranial osteology and phylogenetic relationships of
> the
> > chasmosaurine ceratopsid Torosaurus latus; pp. 235-257 in K. Carpenter
> > (ed.), Horns and Beaks: Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs. Indiana
> > University Press, Bloomington.
> >
> > Self-explanatory. I'm happy to see this out. :-)
> OK, smarty-pants, what are the phylogenetic relationships of Torosaurus
> latus?

Based on the phylogeny presented in the paper, it's an unresolved trichotomy
with Arrhinoceratops, Torosaurus latus, and a clade of
Diceratops+Triceratops. Anchiceratops is basal to all these guys.