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Re: Horns and Beaks: New taxa and descriptions

> Quoting "Andrew A. Farke" <andyfarke@hotmail.com>:
>> -----
>> Paul, G. S. 2006. Turning the old into the new: a separate genus for the
>> gracile iguanodont from the Wealden of England; pp. 69-77 in K.
>> Carpenter
>> (ed.), Horns and Beaks: Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs. Indiana
>> University Press, Bloomington.
>> Iguanodon atherfieldensis is renamed Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis.
> Do my eyes deceive me?  Is inveterate lumper G.S. Paul splitting
> Iguanodon in two? :-)

Indeed, Greg has indicated that his work in iguanodontian revisions are
not finished with this work! Keep watching these emails... :-)

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