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Re: Horns and beaks query

--- "A.P. Hazen" <a.hazen@philosophy.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

> Thanks, Andrew Farke, for the annotated table of contents!
> One item:
>       Rothschild, B., and D. H. Tanke. 2006. Osteochondrosis in
>       Late Cretaceous Hadrosauria: a manifestation of ontologic
>       failure; pp. 171-183 in K. Carpenter (ed.), Horns and Beaks:
>       Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs. Indiana University
>       Press, Bloomington.
> -- is ONTOLOGIC the correct word?

Perhaps, perhaps not. The web (if it is trusted) certainly portrays it as a word




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