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Re: Horns and Beaks: New taxa and descriptions

>The ICZN doesn't exist for entertainment value (good thing too, because it 
>would fail dismally on that score).  The ICZN is there to ensure that the 
r>ight taxonomic names get priority, irrespective of personal preference (or 
>personal indifference).  Rules is rules, like it or not.  Sure, such a 
>dialogue is almost guaranteed to be "insufferably dull", but the 
>nomenclature of _Iguanodon_ needs to be resolved in order to avoid future 

My point was that too many postings on this list end up as spats about 
taxonomic minutae. I am aware of the irony.

>The nomenclature of _Vectisaurus_ is certainly not a "non-issue".  There is 
>no ICZN rule that says we can't re-use _Vectisaurus_.  _V. vectensis_ was 
>actually named before _I. atherfieldensis_ (Hulke 1879 vs Hooley 1924).  

I stand corrected.

>fact that the name "Vectisaurus atherfieldensis" would cause confusion given 
>the stratigraphic origin of the hypodigm is totally irrelevent.

No it isn't irrelevant. Names should be clear in origin, and convey at least 
some sort of  relevant meaning. Since they are intended to last forever, they 
should also have some sort of eloquence. Vectisaurus atherfieldensis would be a 
confusing mistake, maybe not to people who do not work either in the Fms 
concerned or with the actual fossil material, but I wouldn't want to have to 
spend time explaining the nuances of a convoluted historical naming system if 
it was unnecessary. The composite 'Vectisaurus' material came from the Wessex, 
not Vectis (although the Fms themselves had different names then: Wealden Marls 
and Wealden Shales respectively). Maybe naming the 'Vectis' Fm was the mistake, 
but it's too late for that. See how boring and confusing it is? 

Incidentally, I'm off out into the Vectis and Wessex again in a couple of 
weeks. There are some nice new things to paw over. As always.


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