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Re: Phuwiangosaurus pics?

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> From: "Mike Taylor" <mike@indexdata.com>
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> Subject: Phuwiangosaurus pics?
> Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 09:01:08 +0000
> Luis Perez writes:
>   > Anyone know of any Phuwiangosaurus skeletal images, or pics? I hear
>   > that this sauropod from Thailand is particularly hard to place in
>   > the sauropod tree [...]
> That's what was thought when it was first described.  Since then,
> cladistic analysis of sauropods has come on by leaps and bounds, and
> it now seems to be fairly stably established as a basal titanosaurian
> -- e.g. Upchurch et al. 2004 (The _Dinosauria_ 2 chapter on sauropods)
> recovers it as the most basal titanosaur and therefore close to the
> brachiosaurid clade.  Don't forget that a _lot_ more titanosaurs are
> known now than when _Phuwiangosaurus_ was named, so there's a lot more
> context to evaluate it in.
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>Ah, yes, then, this one would resemble something like perhaps Ligabuesaurus or 
>Venenosaurus or something like that, pretty basal?


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